How Safe is Checks Unlimited?

by Admin on May 2, 2013

How Safe is Checks Unlimited ?

Checks Unlimited has been offering quality checks since 1986 when they were operating under the name of Current Checks. The company was the very first large direct mail check printer in the USA. The company started with 13 distinctive designs. Today, they feature more than 70 designs. The headquarters for Checks Unlimited is situated in Chicago Springs.

What Products do they sell?

Checks Unlimited sells a wide variety of checks for personal and businesses. They have Disney checks, regular checks, Peanuts checks, Warner Bros checks, nature checks just to name a few. They also sell a huge pool of check book covers, address labels, check registers and many more. The products and services offered are categorized as either Personal or Business checks. Both have a many accessories that support banking process.

Personal checks come in many different sizes, formats and designs. Photo checks which enable you to have your friend and family on your check books are popular checks. Accessories that accompany personal checks incorporate Debit organizers ,sheeted and rolled labels, check registers and checks unlimited coupons among others.

On the other hand, business checks are more official. They can be manual or computer checks. Manual checks come in 4 categories namely Desk Sets, the entrepreneur, partner check and 3 on a page checks in 3 ring binders. They also carry forms and receipts, gift cards, business cards, retail supplies as well as gift certificates. Computer checks on sale are typically Ink jet printer or laser jet based.

How to purchase their products

To buy any of their products, all you have to do is to sign up. There are a ton of checks unlimited coupons that you can get by checking for the codes and also signing up for the special offers. Making a purchase online is quite easy. One of the main advantages of purchasing from checks unlimited is the order tracking ability that their website offers. This allows you to track down your order. The period before you know the status of your orders is between 1 day and 2 weeks. Their customer service is superb. They are quick to respond to any question.

Pricing and packaging

Checks Unlimited has checks that are much cheaper than many banks. It is 50% less than ordering checks from the banking institution. Nonetheless, they are a bit expensive compared to other check websites. They offer a wide variety and sometimes they have special offers for first time shoppers and re-orders. Also, they offer discounts if you place many order at a time. Checks are delivered in a tamper-resistant covering right to your door step.

Accepted payment methods

Checks Unlimited accepts payments via major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express as well as Discover only. You need to use any of these payment methods as they don’t have any other payment methods at present. There are also no Bill Me Later options. You should make all purchases in full before your order can be shipped.

How safe is checks unlimited?

Ordering checks from Checks Unlimited is completely safe via internet or telephone. With the increased cases of personal banking fraud, the company has taken measures to protect your account. The company’s advanced security features makes fraud almost impossible.Security features incorporate top quality safety paper to show the stains if your checks have been chemically tampered with. In case your check is changed, a black mark will emerge where the change was attempted. The signature line has small type that shows as the dotted line if a check is counterfeited, further preventing fraud.

What are customers saying?

There are many good reviews for Checks Unlimited. Customers like the prices over what the banks charges. They also love a variety of styles, and they say that the shipping is timely. One customer says, “I ordered checks last week and got them after four days. I paid extra for quick processing. Am so happy! The next time I order I will give myself enough time so I don’t have to pay extra rush fees. But am pleased with the quick service”

There are also a few complains about prices and delivery. One customer says, “I ordered from Checks Unlimited since I love the various designs they offer. I waited for 21days before I received my order. Very slow shipping. When I got them, they were great! But the waiting was ludicrous!

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